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YuGiOh Arc V Episode 3 English Sub

Please Stay Up T___T

Yugioh Arc V episode 1 and 2 gone T__T

Too soon……

Uploading episode 3 + duels. Hope it stays….

YuGiOh Arc V Episode 2 English SUb

YuGiOh Arc V Episode 1 English Sub 

Yugioh Arc-V Ending 

 ”One Step” by P☆Cute [Pendelum☆Cute (Masumi Kuratsushi & Ruri Shirosaki)] [闇津ますみ・白咲るり]

Yugioh Arc-V Opening

 ”Believe X Believe” by Choutokkyuu (超特急, Bullet Train) 

Yugioh Zexal II

Yugioh Zexal II

Yuma vs Alit- EPIC DUEL!!!
Rei Shingetsu Debut ( Zexal 76)

Rei Shingetsu Debut ( Zexal 76)